Day 2 on the Drake Passage

An ethereal glimpse of the southern continent at sunset

We have been sailing through the Drake Passage for about 36 hours now- roughly another 12 to go. The crossing has been pretty calm (for the Southern Ocean) but have been feeling a bit under the weather (knew I ticked the right (Air Force) box!)

Latitude: 060degrees 31,3’S

Longitude: 064degrees 07, 0’W

Air/water temperature: +5/+5degrees

So far we have seen whales blowing, terns darting and a royal albatross wandering across the ocean. Today’s big challenge was ‘biosecuring’ our kit. This meant scrubbing and disinfecting everything we planned to have as an outer layer on the ice. There is a big high pressure system across the Peninsula at the moment so it seems likely that we will be making a break for Mt Scott early tomorrow! Can’t wait to get on the ice and really focus on the mission at hand.

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