Made it up Mt Scott!


Location: Penola Strait

Lat:065degrees 09,8’S

Long: 064degrees 06,0’W

Air/ Water temp: -4/+1

At 9pm yesterday we summited Mt Scott in brilliant weather above a low cloud layer The access to the mountain proved initially challenging to navigate due to the steep snow slope rising out of the water and the heavily crevassed terrain.

Kev and Shaun worked hard to keep our group safe through some pretty high consequence areas. We moved largely as a rope of 3 (Shaun, Isobel, Simon) and a rope of 4 (Kev, Nigel, William, me) but pitched two exposed sections close to the summit. The view from the peak, with huge glaciers and mountains stretching out to the horizon, was beyond compare. We arrived back at our drop-off point at 2am after 15hours on the ice. The zodiacs weren’t able to pick us up until the next morning so we hunkered down on a system of rock ledges and did our best to get some sleep before dawn. The One Ocean crew picked us up a couple of hours later and we are now all safe and sound back on ship.

Our successful summit was a combination of incredibly good luck with the weather, amazing guides and an awesome team who were all prepared to push themselves to achieve something truly breathtaking.

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