Having a Whale of a Time


The tail of a whale with an imposing array of ice

Location: Neumayer Channel

Lat: 064degrees 48,4’S

Long: 063degrees 30,3’W

Air/water temp:-1/+1

After arriving back on ship after our Antarctic ascent most of the team prioritised taking a nap, not William and Simon though! Over breakfast Boris (the One Ocean Expedition Leader) described the morning’s excursion to see and photograph grounded icebergs. Our two expedition photographers couldn’t pass up the chance to get some sweet shots of icy arches and improbable spires so bravely kitted up to jump in the zodiacs (inflatable boats). I saw William trundle past our porthole on his way to the gangway while I was downloading some photos of our climb but saw no sign of Simon. We found out later that he had layered up in all his gear only to fall dead asleep halfway through pulling on his boots!

By the afternoon most of us were feeling a bit more alive and headed out to the Gentoo penguin colony at Dorian Bay. At this time of year the Gentoo chicks are still coated in their juvenile down and are pretty cute.

A skua surveys a group of disgruntled Gentoos

Going to cut it short there as we’ve just got a call over the ship’s intercom that there’s a pod of humpbacks feeding beside the ship!


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