Another day in icy paradise


Location: Errera channel

Lat 064degrees 41,8’S

Long 062degrees 35,9’W

Air/water temp: +1/+1

Went on a relaxed excursion at Neko Bay (the other passengers’ first landing on ‘The Continent’) to check out the crevasses which have recently opened up and denied many tour operators access to the area. The crevasses, while obvious to us at the end of the summer season, were large enough to prohibit unguided guests access to the 360degree vistas which we were lucky enough to experience. We witnessed a couple of large calving events off a nearby ice shelf and were able to get some great shots of the Ioffe (our ship) surrounded by exotic icebergs and rocky peaks.

In the afternoon we headed into Fournier Bay to look for whales, which we found in abundance. We witnessed groups of humpbacks creating bubble nets and then targeting the area of high krill concentration with their hyper-extended throats. Interestingly, this behaviour has only been witnessed since 1980 and provides scientists with a unique opportunity to study the transmission of feeding techniques amongst the global humpback population.

Another day in icy paradise.



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