Heading North

We are now about halfway across the Drake Passage with swells predicted to rise later tonight. The air is warmer and our portholes no longer look out on icebergs and glaciers, they are dominated instead by the inky expanse of the Southern Ocean. Yesterday we visited Deception Island, a volcanic caldera creating a perfect harbour … More Heading North

Antarctic Abundance

21.2 2017 2.18 pm Today we encountered a new barrier to success on Antarctic peaks. Throughout the afternoon time seemed to be against us, slipping through our fingers. On steep snow slopes we would stumble, or stand stock still, staring into the distance. The greatest obstacles to summiting our chosen peak today were the gentoo penguins … More Antarctic Abundance

Having a Whale of a Time

  Location: Neumayer Channel Lat: 064degrees 48,4’S Long: 063degrees 30,3’W Air/water temp:-1/+1 After arriving back on ship after our Antarctic ascent most of the team prioritised taking a nap, not William and Simon though! Over breakfast Boris (the One Ocean Expedition Leader) described the morning’s excursion to see and photograph grounded icebergs. Our two expedition … More Having a Whale of a Time

Made it up Mt Scott!

Location: Penola Strait Lat:065degrees 09,8’S Long: 064degrees 06,0’W Air/ Water temp: -4/+1 At 9pm yesterday we summited Mt Scott in brilliant weather above a low cloud layer The access to the mountain proved initially challenging to navigate due to the steep snow slope rising out of the water and the heavily crevassed terrain. Kev and … More Made it up Mt Scott!